One ingredient five ways: Butternut

Lifestyle Monday 27/March/2017 19:01 PM
By: Times News Service
One ingredient five ways: Butternut

Melt 1/2 stick butter in a saucepan, over medium-low heat. Add 1 cup diced onion and cook until transparent, stir occasionally for about 10 minutes. Add 1/4 cup plain flour and stir for 3 minutes. Add 3 cups chicken stock and bring to a boil, stir constantly. Add 3 cups peeled and diced butternut squash and 3 bay leaves, simmer until squash is very tender about 15 minutes. Blend in 1 can cream of chicken or celery soup and 1 cup whipping cream. Season to taste and remove bay leaves. Puree soup in blender. Before serving, add 500g small peeled, uncooked shrimp and heat on low. Shrimps cook very fast. Pumpkin can be substituted for squash. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Add 3 tablespoons butter to 2 cups hot mashed butternut squash; stir until melted. Add 1/2-1 cup sugar (depending on taste), 1/3 cup milk, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon nutmeg; beat with electric mixer at low speed until blended. Add 3 eggs; beat well. Stir in 1 teaspoon vanilla; turn into greased casserole. Bake at 160C degrees until soufflé is set. Serve immediately.

Preheat oven to 160°C. Butter a casserole dish and set aside. Stir together 3 cups mashed, cooked butternut squash, drained, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup melted butter, 1 cup crushed pineapple can, with juice, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg. Mix well and pour into casserole dish. Sprinkle with 1/3 cup chopped walnuts or pecans and bake for 40-45 minutes. Serves 4-6 as a side dish.

Heat 1/4 cup oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Add 3 large onions, chopped, and sauté over medium heat until tender, about 5 minutes. Add 1 butternut squash about 11/2kg, peeled, seeded and cut into 1 1/2-inch cubes, 4 medium red bell peppers, seeded and cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces, and 6 garlic cloves, minced; sauté 10 minutes. Add 1 1/2 cups canned vegetable broth; cover and simmer until vegetables are tender, about 10 minutes. Add 16 cups chopped kale, thick stems trimmed and leaves cut crosswise into 2-inch strips and 1 tablespoon dried, sage; cover and cook until the kale wilts, stirring often, about 10 minutes. Add 3 cans cannellini beans, rinsed and drained and 1/2 cup canned black olives, pitted and halved, and stir until heated through. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Transfer the stew to large, shallow bowl. Sprinkle generously with grated freshly grated Romano cheese, if desired.

Cut 11/2kg butternut squash in half, remove seeds. Bake cut side down in hot oven (200 degrees C) for 1 hour or until tender. Scoop out pulp; add 2 tablespoons butter, 2 teaspoons brown sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt; beat together. Turn into a casserole. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup chopped pecans. Bake at 175 degrees C for about 25 minutes. Serves 4 to 6.
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