UK-bound Qantas flight en route

Oman Monday 27/March/2017 15:53 PM
By: Times News Service
UK-bound Qantas flight en route

Muscat: A delayed Qantas flight bound for the United Kingdom has departed Muscat International Airport after a 36-hour wait for passengers.
An official of the Oman Airports Management Company said the crew of the aircraft was changed in Muscat as they had been flying for a long time.
The flight departed Melbourne late on Friday night and was supposed to land in Dubai on Saturday morning. “But because of the bad weather it was diverted to Muscat,” the official added.
The aircraft finally took off from Muscat International Airport on Sunday evening for Dubai and after that it flew to London.
Passengers on the flight said that they were happy to fly out of Muscat after 36 hours. “Got to meet some fun people in Oman,” one of them said on twitter on Monday.