Alia achieved everything on her own: Pooja Bhatt

Lifestyle Saturday 25/March/2017 15:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Alia achieved everything on her own: Pooja Bhatt

New Delhi: Bollywood filmmaker Pooja Bhatt says far from giving tips to Alia Bhatt, she would rather ask her for one for doing so good in her life, that too "without anyone helping her". "Alia needs no tips from us. She is a hugely successful actor and we all are proud of her. The kind of choices she made were brave, and more important those were her own decisions.

"When I became an actor I had my father around as a director. So, I have experienced all that things with him. He was always playing this director card and papa card. But in Alia's case, she achieved all of this without any help from anyone," Pooja said while speaking at Shift series 'Closeted Conversations'.
Speaking about Alia's confidence, Pooja says even at the age of three, her half-sister was sure of what she wanted to become, as her perpetual answer to this question was "star". "The joke in the Bhatt family is that we put a Bhatt out there in every 20 years. I cover the age group of 35-45 or 32-47 because everyone belonging to this age group has at some point of time held hands of their beloved during Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi. And Alia takes care of age six and above," quipped Pooja.

Pooja, 45, however, feels some of the younger actresses are always hiding their rough edges and are way "too scared to display their flaws". "Some of the younger actresses today don't dare enough. Everyone is doing the right thing, everyone wants to make the right sound, nobody falls, nobody breaks, nobody gets jealous of the other, everyone is happy for each other.

"This is absolutely abnormal. Probably we are told not to display jealousy as an emotion. I just feel like shaking them and asking them, 'Where are your rough edges and where is the real you? Everyone is busy acting picture perfect."

Happy with her career and the choices she made, Pooja says in this obsessive world where everything starts and ends with "me and myself", she decided to step off the stage at the right time. "I was a star when I was 17. I became the youngest producer in India when I did Tamanna. Till the time I turned 24, I had already produced three movies Tammana, Dushman and Zakhm. I am not an obssessive person, I decided it is not my time to shine anymore and rightly stepped off that stage."