Muscat Parents: Take your children to boxing classes in Muscat

T-Mag Wednesday 22/March/2017 20:04 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Parents: Take your children to boxing classes in Muscat

A group of boys, ranging in age between ten and twelve, stood in a queue dressed in sporty attire and puffy boxing gloves. The sparkle in their eyes reflected their excitement, courage, and daring attitudes. They faced a punching bag, which hung heavily, waiting to receive the next big knock.

At The Champ, children learn the techniques of boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao, but for very different reasons. These self defence classes are designed to help children learn self-discipline, develop confidence, build a healthy body, and, most importantly, to teach kids how to defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

While some parents consider boxing too dangerous a sport for children, Abdul Aziz, managing partner of The Champ, says that self defence is not only useful for protection, but even more so for building up confidence in children, helping promote healthy growth in body structure and flexibility, and increasing focus, when taught properly in a carefully monitored environment. He also noted that boxing offers good, clean fun in a productive manner, showing children and adults alike how to accept a challenge with a positive attitude.

Baqar Haider, founder and coach of Oman Kickboxing Club, agreed with these sentiments, adding that it is essential to make boxing safer for children through increased supervision and instruction.
Abdul Aziz went on to explain that students who come for training must be taught that they have come to learn a sport as an art form, and it is never appropriate to use what they learn at the gym in a playful way with friends at school.

“It is a stereotype that when someone hears about boxing classes they think it is all about fighting, but in reality it is not. It is a very fun team bonding sport where friendships are made and many come to find out about their inner weaknesses, whether emotional or physical,” Abdul Aziz said. “Consult a doctor before enrolling a child for any martial art classes to rule out any medical condition. Parents should not push too hard and should take care of their diet and nutrition.”

With different options to choose here in Muscat, it is important for parents to know ahead of time which classes are most suitable for their child and their goals. Do a bit of research, keep in mind your child’s physical capabilities, and, most importantly, make sure boxing is something your child really wants to do, whether for fitness, confidence, building, or just plain fun. [email protected]

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