What's Trending This Week (March 2017)

T-Mag Wednesday 22/March/2017 17:11 PM
By: Times News Service
What's Trending This Week (March 2017)

The world of web maybe complex but Hi Weekly's Shruthi Nair is here to break down this week's biggest trends and the best of digital bunch.

Sean Spicer's Tie: The internet can be hilariously imaginative when it comes to trolling people. Sean Spicer was easy prey last Friday, when his St. Patrick’s Day tie became a green screen for pranksters. Frm the good ol windows maze screensaver to SeanSpicer-ception with Sean Spicer wearing a tie of Sean Spicer wearing a tie of Sean Spicer to TV screen grains and volcanic eruptions, the random creative juices flowing did make us laugh.

Bully Perry: Matthew Perry opens up about beating up his schoolmate, the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The two went to the same school in Ottawa, Ontario and Matthew admits to being a bully on Jimmy Kimmel Live

RIP Chuck : Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry passed away last week at the age of 90. He was known for classics including Johnny B Goode and Sweet little Sixteen, which every garage band had to learn if they wanted to enter the rock 'n' roll troop.