Deportation, fines, after consumer complaint in Oman

Energy Wednesday 22/March/2017 10:54 AM
By: Times News Service
Deportation, fines, after consumer complaint in Oman

Samail: A Samail court fined two people OMR2000 and ordered the deportation of one after they violated the consumer protection law.

The Department of Consumer Protection in Ad'Dakhiliya Governorate recieve a complaint against a bulding materials establishment for not providing the correct product on time.

The consumer bought ceramic tiles for his home and asked that the tiles be made in India. However to the consumer's surprise, the supplied tiles were made in China. The establishment claimed it was an error in the receipt.

As the workers were placing the tiles, they realized that there were insufficient tiles which prompted the consumer to buy more at an extra cost. The establishment procrastinated and delayed providing the right amount in the agreed time.

After filing the complaint, consumer watchdogs conducted an investigstion and filed the case to the public prosecution in Samail.

The court convicted and charged one of the violators with failing to provided a product within the alotted time of delivery and fined him OMR 2000. The judge ordered the violator to pay OMR1000 and commit to pay the remaining amount in installments. The court also stripped him of his licence and ordered his deportation after completing the punishment.

The second violator, who is the owner of the establishment, was ordered to pay a civil penalty and to pay the consumer OMR 70.