Oman tourism: Barka theme park to be called Hayy Al Sharq

Oman Tuesday 21/March/2017 23:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: Barka theme park to be called Hayy Al Sharq

Muscat: The ambitious Barka theme park to be developed by the Muscat National Development and Investment Company (Asaas) has been officially named, ‘Hayy Al Sharq (Sharq district).’
The announcement came from the Ministry of Tourism at the Oman Tourism investment Conference today after a poll that saw 908 votes being cast. The voting was done for four names shortlisted by the ministry.
“We have finally got the results of the poll for the name of the theme park. It will be called Sharq district,” an official from Asaas said on the sidelines of the conference.
“We cannot comment on the exact date of opening of the theme park, but I am sure it will be soon and an announcement regarding it will come in some time,” he added.
He further said private sector investment in tourism sector is the key to boosting the sector and organisations, such as Asaas, are taking the initiative to do so.
“Our approach should be to create the idea, develop it and pack it in a suitable package so that investors can understand what opportunity they have and where to invest,” he said.
“Currently, we have three projects, one is the ongoing Hilton hotel with 232 keys, second is Salam Air, which is already operational, and the third project is the theme park in Barka.”
Hayy Al Sharq, a world-class multi-cluster 1.5 million square metre entertainment and leisure theme park will be built in Barka.
It will boast an integrated theme park; wildlife and water parks, an equestrian centre and an edutainment centre, as well as multiple hotels, a residential zone and retail areas that will offer a range of retail, leisure and dining options, according to developers.
“A lot of people have been asking about the Barka theme park. I imagine there was a water park in Barka long ago, but now there are less recreational facilities in Oman. Once this park is opened, we will see fewer complaints by residents and tourists about the scarce availability of recreational facilities in Oman,” a member of the Asaas team said.