Covid-19: Restaurants in Oman must follow these preventive measures

Energy Thursday 20/August/2020 10:20 AM
By: Times News Service
Covid-19: Restaurants in Oman must follow these preventive measures

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has issued the preventive measures for restaurants and cafes that are allowed to receive customers.

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A statement issued online by Muscat Municipality said:” The Municipality updated the conditions and preventive measures which include International restaurants, tourist restaurants, first class restaurants and cafes.”

Conditions and preventive measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 disease for restaurants and cafes:

*First, administrative procedures:

1. Redistribute the table places to ensure a distance of at least 2 meters between each table.

2. Laying down the necessary instructions for the application and regulation of safe physical distances ( 2 meters) in corridors and common places.

3. Establishing a special registration to register customer data and time periods (entry and exit time).

4. Establishing a special register to record workers' data and time periods (entry and exit time).

5. Providing sterilizers for workers and customers that contain 70% or more alcohol.

6. The number of people at one table should not exceed 4, and customers should not mix at the same table.

7. Only single-use menus should be used

8. Commitment to provide all meals and drinks in single-use utensils and cups, taking into account their compliance with specifications and standards.

9. It is prohibited to use self-service tables or open buffets.

10. Salt, pepper, sugar, ketchup and mustard must be served in disposable bags only and not in reusable containers.

11. Newspapers and magazines should not be kept on tables.

12. Customers waiting places or seats should be cancelled.

13. Reducing the use of paper cash transactions and encouraging the use of electronic payment devices.

14. The procedures in force by the Ministry of Health concerned with quarantine and the time period for that must be adhered to.

15. In the event that a new worker joins the institution, coming from outside the Sultanate, he must be quarantined for a period of two weeks before starting work.

16. Document the cleaning and disinfection operations in the work records with mention of the substance used in the disinfection if possible.

17. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common surfaces by using appropriate materials at all times and focusing on the following:

-Door and stair handles

- Pay tables and cash machines

-Control the devices of TV and air conditioners.

- Chairs and tables provide service after each service

-All tools, devices and materials used

-Wash basins and utensils

-Shelves, drawers, and cabinets

- toilets

*Second, preventive measures:

1. Commitment to measuring the temperature of workers at the beginning of each work period and after 6 hours of work, and setting a special record for that.

2. Commitment to measure customers ’temperature before entering the store, and not allow those whose temperature reaches more than 37 degrees Celsius.

3. Commitment to measuring the temperature of all support service employees, such as maintenance workers or specialists in supply and delivery.

4. Commitment to provide adequate ventilation for air circulation in the shop.

5. Requiring all workers to adhere to the physical distance in the catering halls, the kitchen, or all the restaurant facilities.

6. The commitment of all workers to wear protective clothing and the need to wear masks.

7. All workers must not come to work if they have any symptoms of disease, or if they come into contact with one of the infected cases inside or outside the work environment.

*Third, health awareness measures:

1- All workers must be educated about Covid-19 disease, ways of spreading it, its symptoms, and ways to prevent it.

2- The workers must be educated on the importance of maintaining hand hygiene and the importance of applying the physical spacing procedure, and not shaking hands

3- Awareness posters should be displayed in all places and in various languages that urge the promotion of the etiquette of sneezing and coughing and not shaking hands.

4- Staff must be trained on safe handling methods with customers and minimizing contact with common surfaces

5- Workers should be educated and urged about the importance of promptly reporting to the person directly responsible for any respiratory symptoms or high body temperature.

6- Workers must be urged to immediately inform the line official when symptoms of the disease appear to one of their colleagues at work or housing, regardless of the severity of the symptoms.

7- Workers must be educated on response mechanisms and plans regarding dealing with suspected cases.

8- Workers must be made aware of the importance of not sharing personal items such as: clothes, towels, eating utensils, etc. As well as personal protective equipment.

9- Educating workers on the importance of applying the etiquette of sneezing and coughing, washing hands, avoiding touching the eyes, mouth and nose.

*Fourth, procedures that must be followed by customers:

1- The mask must be worn at all times, except when eating.

2-Compliance with the requirements in force in restaurants, especially the commitment to the physical distance of 2 meters.

3- Not to move around a lot inside the restaurant, or to touch tables or supplies that are not their own.

4-Compliance to cover the nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing, and not shaking hands

5- Disclosure of any symptoms related to Covid-19 disease.

6- Adherence to preventive instructions and controls, to maintain a distance of 2 meters, and to reduce as much as possible the exchange of conversations with others while receiving service.

7- Commitment to leave the shop upon completion of receiving the service

8- Informing the concerned authorities in the event that the basic preventive conditions are not met in the restaurant or the employees are aware of their commitment to them.