New stretch of expressway opened in Oman

Oman Wednesday 22/July/2020 10:41 AM
By: Times News Service
New stretch of expressway opened in Oman

Muscat: The Ministry of Transport has opened a new 16km stretch of the Al-Sharqiyah expressway in Al-Kamil wa Al-Wafi.

This portion of the road will help avoid congested residential and commercial areas, making it a faster option to connect to the Wilayats of Al-Sharqiyah North and South Governorates.

The new portion will include two flyovers; the first will serve traffic flow coming to Al-Kamil W’Al Wafi and its commercial and residential areas. The other will help traffic flow in TawiA’aisha and the rest of Wilayat Al-Kamil wa’al Wafi. The road, in this portion, includes a vehicle underpass for Tawa Hatim area and other parts of the same wilayat. It also contains two pedestrian tunnels in Al-Kamil w’al Wafi.

The road features three 3.75m wide lanes on each side, 2.5m wide external asphalt road shoulders and 1.5m wide internal asphalt road shoulders. It also comes with all the necessary traffic safety facilities. These include concrete protective barriers, protective iron fences along the way, and the median strip. This stretch will also feature iron cables barriers near sand accumulation areas, pavement floor painting, road floor reflectors, and modern energy-saving lighting poles.

Al-Sharqiyah expressway is a major national road, linking Muscat Governorate with the Governorates of Al-Sharqiyah North and South, passing through Al-Dakhiliyah Governorate. Then it connects to Al-Wusta Governorate and then Dhofar Governorate in addition to serving the wilayats located nearby. It is worth mentioning that the Ministry opened to traffic, earlier this year, a 191 km long stretch of the Al-Sharqiyah expressway starting from Bidbid and ending in Al-Kamil w’alwafi. The total opened portion lengths now will be 207 km out of the total project length of 246 km.