17 flights to repatriate expats from Oman this week
July 13, 2020 | 5:21 PM
by Times News Service
Aircraft with expatriates who live and work in Oman will take off between 14 and 18 July to cities in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Germany and Greece.

Muscat: Seventeen flights to as many cities have been organised over the rest of this week to repatriate foreign nationals from Oman who wish to travel home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Aircraft with expatriates who live and work in Oman will take off between 14 and 18 July to cities in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Germany and Greece. Some of which are part of repatriation plans organised by governments of countries that have sent large numbers of foreign workers to Oman.

Indian nationals who wish to travel on Vande Bharat repatriation flights are requested to fill in their details in a Google document that has been shared on the Embassy of India in Oman’s website and social media pages. A Vande Bharat flight will land in India, at both Mangalore and Bangalore on June 14 airports.

On July 14, three more flights have been organised. Oman Air has organised a special flight to Athens, while SalamAir flights to Sialkot in Pakistan and Alexandria in Egypt are also scheduled to take off.

“We request our customers who wish to travel on the above mentioned flights to contact the following number to book their tickets: +968 2427 2222,” said a statement from the low-cost airline.

“Oman Air will operate a special flight between Muscat and Athens on July 14, 2020,” said the airline. “For bookings or additional information, please email us on [email protected]

Three flights will take off on July 15, their destinations being Srinagar in India, Multan in Pakistan, and Cairo in Egypt. On July 16, three SalamAir flights will head to Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar in Pakistan, an Oman Air flight will travel to Frankfurt in Germany, and one more Vande Bharat aircraft will land at Lucknow in northern India.

The flight to Frankfurt is among three scheduled during the coming weeks, with the other two planned for 22 and 29 July. “For bookings or additional information, please call +968 9356 1117/ +968 2476 5142 or email [email protected] between 0800-1600 Muscat local time,” said Oman Air in a statement regarding passenger bookings for these planes.

On July 17, two Vande Bharat flights will take off from Muscat and land in Vijayawada and Mumbai, while on the 18th, one has been scheduled to land in Delhi.

Those who wish to travel on any of the flights to India, while filling their information, must mention the flight on which they wish to travel, and provide contact details including their name, age, gender, passport number, and the reasons why they need to travel to India.

Passengers with most compelling reasons will be given the first preference to board these planes. They are also required to provide their contact numbers in both India and Oman, their home state, and their reasons for travelling overseas in the first place.

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