Vehicle registrations in Oman up by close to 1 per cent: NCSI data
July 13, 2020 | 4:31 PM
by ONA
Photo: File

Muscat: White was by far the most popular colour among new vehicles registered in Oman with silver being a distant second closely followed by grey.

The total number of vehicles registered by their colours, engine capacity and weights as at the end of May 2020 reached 1.53 million, according to a recent update from the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Among colours, white was the most preferred colour for vehicles in the Sultanate, with as many as 660,244 vehicles sporting white colour.

Silver was the second choice, with 196,258 vehicles.

Grey was the third most prominent vehicle colour, with about 116,130 vehicles.

This was followed by blue, black, gold and red-coloured vehicles with 87,386; 73,880; 71,212; and 65,637, respectively.

As for engine capacity, the NCSI report indicated that the majority of vehicles (817,512) had engine capacities between 1,500 and 3,000 cc while 345,457 vehicles had engine capacities between 3,001 and 4,500 cc.

The number of vehicles with engine capacity above 4,500 cc stood at 196,833. There were 118,764 vehicles with engine capacity less than 1,500 cc.

About 52,105 vehicles functioned without engines as they were designed and manufactured to be towed by another vehicle.

In terms of weights, the report said that majority of vehicles weighed less than 3 tons, with their number reaching 1.38 million.

There were 71,636 vehicles that were more than 10 tonnes in weight. About 45,350 vehicles weighed from 3 to 7 tonnes and 38,112 vehicles from 7 to 10 tonnes.

The total registered vehicles in terms of type of registration till the end of May 2020 was 1.53 million vehicles, which is a rise of 0.9 per cent compared to the same period of 2019.

Private vehicles topped the list of vehicles registered, with 1.20 million vehicles, followed by 241,820 commercial vehicles and 30,912 taxis.

Meanwhile, there was a drop in the number of commercial vehicles, taxis, government vehicles, and motorbikes registered by 1.6 per cent, 8.3 per cent, 0.3 per cent and 4.2 per cent, respectively.

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