Schumacher's son wants to take part in Formula One events
July 8, 2020 | 3:29 PM
by ONA
Mick is looking to compete in Formula One in 2021. -ONA

Spielberg: Mick Schumacher has reaffirmed his desire to run in the Formula One car racing events. Mick is the son of famous German racer Michael Schumacher, who holds the world record of winning the world championship title seven times.

On Formula One competitions, Mick Schumacher said: "There is no alternative plan , and there has never been an alternative plan because when there is an alternative plan, you do not seek to implement your basic plan appropriately."

Attached to Italy's Prema team, and a member of the Ferrari Academy for young drivers, Mick is looking to compete in Formula One in 2021.

Michael Schumacher bagged five titles at the World Championships, during 11 seasons with the team Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher is at his home in Switzerland, where he is still recovering after suffering severe head injuries

during an accident that occurred while he was skiing in 2013.

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