Supreme Committee Live: About 25,000 people to benefit from new loan program

Oman Thursday 02/July/2020 11:25 AM
By: Times News Service
Supreme Committee Live: About 25,000 people to benefit from new loan program

Muscat: The Supreme Committee members is addressing the media.

Highlights from the interview:

1- 27,000 cases were recorded in the Sultanate within a month.

2- 1361 new cases have been registered today, 25318 have recovered.

3- Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammad Al Hinai, CEO of the Oman Development Bank: "The interest-free loan program will include full-time job owners with taxis, babysitters, beauty salons and entrepreneurs. The loan will be extended over four years, with a six-month grace period"

4- Minister of Transport: "The penalty for not wearing a mask is currently OMR 20. We are considering to increase the fine. We are also discussing the need to intensify inspection and monitoring teams."

5- Minister of Health: "Resuming some areas is possible in the event of non-compliance with the procedures, and when a community outbreak of the epidemic is observed."

6- Minister of Transport: "The operating cost of the aviation sector has been reviewed and reduced, in line with the current conditions. A number of employees have been demobilised, including pilots."

7- Dr Saif Al Abri: "Coexistence document, has been classified into three levels and includes several sectors such as education, tourism, transportation and specialised teams that set gradual return controls for these activities."

8- Minister of Health: "Penalty and punishment are not enough without social responsibility, and we call upon everyone to report the violators to protect the society."

9- Minister of Transport: "No sporting activities to resume soon, and reopening gyms is still in discussions and it is included in the fifth package of activities that will be allowed."

10- Minister of Transport: Citizens will not be allowed to leave the country, according to the current circumstances. The borders will continue to be closed and whoever enters, would be required to observe health quarantine.

11- Minister of Health: "If a vaccine has been developed, it will not be available before the end of the year."

12- Dr. Ali Al Mqbali: "The increasing number of cases in the North Al Batinah Governorate, especially Sohar, is due to several reasons, including some people who do not inform those infected around them. A person transmitted the infection to 35 people from his friends and family.

They visit their family members or go to health institutions without notifying the medical staff that he or she has infection. This leads to transmission of infection to medical teams, in addition, to gatherings at family events and gathering on the beaches."

13- Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammad Al Hinai, CEO of the Oman Development Bank: "About 25,000 people are expected to benefit from the interest-free loan program."

14- Minister of Transport: The precautionary measures were implemented in non-scheduled flights and in a number of the Sultanate’s airports. The Supreme Committee opened the way for domestic flights between Muscat and some airports of oil fields and commercial helicopters.

15- The total number of citizens' return flights, the evacuation of expatriates, air freight, and humanitarian flights has exceeded more than 2,400."

16- Minister of Health: "Some penalties may end in imprisonment for violators, the aim of imposing fines and its severity is to deter violators and protect everyone."

17- Minister of Health: "A total of 24,000 people are currently subjected to the quarantine. Health app, Tarassud Plus, has helped us greatly to track their cases continuously and relieve the pressure on medical staff. The application is available in five languages."

18- Minister of Health: "Before the end of the closing period in Dhofar Governorate, the epidemiological situation will be evaluated and appropriate decision will be taken."

19- Dr. Saif Al Abri: "A national survey will be conducted on the spread of the COVID-19, including Omanis and expats. The survey will be held for a period of 10 weeks, starting from 12th July. Blood samples and demographic data will be taken. We hope everyone will cooperate."