Man fined OMR 4,500 for violating consumer protection law
June 30, 2020 | 2:09 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: North Al Sharqiyah Courts of first instance ruled financial fines totaling OMR 4,500 against a person who violated the law of consumer protection.

A statement issued online by Public Authority for Consumer Protection said: "North Al Sharqiyah Courts of first instance recently issued six court rulings against a person who violated the consumer protection law (66/2014) that ruled for conviction and financial fines totaling OMR 4,500, as well as requiring him to pay expenses and stop the activity permanently."

"The details of the cases are due to the administration receiving six complaints from a number of consumers against one of the worker's recruitment office in the governorate, during which they submitted their request to bring domestic workers from the office, but the owner of the office did not hand them over to the workers on the agreed date."

"He also did not commit to guaranteeing the service or returning its value, which led them to submit their complaints to the administration, which in turn called the owner of the office and discussed the issue of complaints. Where he admitted that he had not extradited the workers due to circumstances beyond his control, and due to the lack of an amicable solution between the parties. The files were then referred to the competent authority, which in turn has convicted the defendant of a misdemeanor of the failure to perform the service properly."

" It ruled to be punished for the first four cases with a fine of OMR 3,500 suspended Omani riyals and obliged him to pay the expenses. It also condemned the last two cases of the offense of refraining from returning the recruitment of a domestic worker during the warranty period and ruled that he be fined OMR 1,000 of which 200 riyals shall be executed with the order to stop," the statement added.

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