Oman Logistics Center launches Tawseel

Business Wednesday 17/June/2020 17:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Logistics Center launches Tawseel

Muscat: Oman Logistics Center has launched a national cloud-based technology initiative, Tawseel, to enable logistics providers to adopt the latest logistics solutions.

Tawseel is designed to empower startups and SMEs in the last mile delivery space across the Sultanate to operate more efficiently and lower their capital expenditure costs by outsourcing back-end IT systems to cloud service providers.

E-commerce delivery Startups and SMEs can now leverage the advanced delivery technologies provided by Tawseel, while preserving data security and privacy by hosting the solutions locally in the sultanate.

The initiative is supported by Oman Logistics Center (ASYAD), Oman’s flagship logistics group, who has partnered with cloud service providers such as Oman Data Park, NXS and Data 2 Cloud offering the latest last-mile delivery solutions from the likes of Mile Solutions, Kale Logistics, and Tookan-Jungleworks.

Tawseel offers prospective subscribers several packages tailored to the size and scale of any company’s logistics operations, available with a one-month free trial.

The new service features; fleet scheduling and driver management, dispatch and delivery by flexible appointment, Geographic Information System mapping, route optimization, track & trace services, and other essential last-mile delivery features.

Tawseel will support a greater number of delivery service providers an area OLC is targeting for significant digital transformation and progress.

The cloud initiative forms one part of OLC’s mandate to lead the digital transformation of the logistics sector in the Sultanate through innovative and smart solutions. Last month, OLC announced The MEA HUB ( which provides a full spectrum of innovative logistics services and support.