Oman to witness solar eclipse soon

Energy Tuesday 16/June/2020 12:04 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman to witness solar eclipse soon

Muscat: Oman will witness an annular eclipse of the Sun on Sunday 21st June.

A statement issued online by Ministry of Health (MOH), said: "We would like to draw your attention that on Sunday, June 21, 2020 the Sultanate will witness an annular solar eclipse, which starts at 8:14 am and reaches a peak of 98% at 9:38 am and ends at 11:20 am Muscat - Qurayyat time ."

The eclipse will seen partially in the Sultanate, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, most of Asia and southeastern Europe, most of Africa, the Pacific, and India.

Keep these tips in mind to witness the annual solar eclipse in Oman

The Department of Astronomical Affairs has issued advisory to those who would like to see the annular solar eclipse in Oman next Sunday.
The department would like to mention the following points:

1. Direct viewing of the sun without the use of safe means is harmful to the eye.

2. The warnings are intended to raise awareness and to avoid direct eye contact during the eclipse.

3. For safe observation of the eclipse, it is recommended to use eclipse glasses or binoculars and imaging devices containing solar filters or a welding helmet.

4. Avoid using mobile phones and all other unsafe means to monitor the phenomenon of eclipses.

5. Avoid looking at the sun for too long.

6. Keep away from gatherings, taking care to use safe personal tools to monitor the eclipse and avoid using any tools collectively.