OmanPride: Salman Al Fazari, Oman’s first male makeup artist breaking barriers

More sports Saturday 18/March/2017 19:51 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Salman Al Fazari, Oman’s first male makeup artist breaking barriers

In an industry dominated by women, Salman Al Fazari has challenged the norm by becoming the first Omani male makeup artist, who does beauty, cinematic, and art-inspired makeup.
Al Fazari was born in 1994 in Muscat, and was raised most of his life in the country. Growing up, he had a passion for art and a special place in his heart for paint brushes and graphic design, but life took him down an unfamiliar path into the technical industry and he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

After graduating, Al Fazari became fascinated with the art of makeup and so he decided to taste the waters and see if it’s what he truly wanted. He started learning by watching videos and consulting other makeup artists in town, and then he began experimenting on his very own face. Al Fazari’s friends were always by his side. “My friends were the best one could ever ask for; makeup is expensive, they’d sometimes surprise me with branded makeup kits just to show me that they full supported my passion.”

Though his family disapproved of his work, they came around after realising their son’s potential and eagerness to become the best makeup artist in town. Al Fazari’s mother is his number one fan. “My mother says if it makes you money and it’s a good thing, then do it,” said Al Fazari, adding that, “She’s my biggest supporter.”

After getting his mother’s blessing and his father’s approval, Al Fazari began marketing himself as a professional makeup artist. Shortly thereafter, he started being recognised and a few months later his fame skyrocketed. Ooredoo, various production houses, popular local photographers, such as Haitham Al Minji and Ibrahim Al Azi, and Kuwaiti actor Abdul Mohsin Ahmed are some of the clients Al Fazari now has under his belt. Till this day the idea of having a male makeup artist is still alarming in Oman’s conservative society, but Al Fazari is determined to challenge the status quo and hit higher levels of success in the predominantly female industry. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for him. [email protected]