Mindset of imposing opinions on others needs to change: Anushka

Lifestyle Saturday 18/March/2017 19:28 PM
By: Times News Service
Mindset of imposing opinions on others needs to change: Anushka

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma says the one thing that needs to change in the country is the habit of being too sensitive about other's opinions. The actress says people should be firm enough in what they believe but should not impose their opinion on others as the only truth. "I think the mindset needs to change... It's okay for me to have an opinion which might differ from somebody else's and we both should be entitled to our opinion, have the security and courage to live with it rather than imposing what I think is correct or true, on anybody else," she says.

Anushka was speaking at the India Today conclave, last evening. The Sultan star says it would be an ideal world if people followed this instead of taking law in their hands when they don't agree with something. "If we can live in that sort of a world, may be it'll be more peaceful. We see this a lot nowadays when somebody takes law in their own hands and destroys sets. There is no need for violence. Taking law and order in your hand is not right," she says. "If you're secure enough, your beliefs won't shake. If I believe in something, my belief won't shake because I have the security," she adds.
The actress believes creative people can contribute towards the society through their work.

"Any information that is around us, be it books, movies, TV, it does something to you. That's one way we contribute. We make people see things that they probably don't know of and
show them people who are like them or can inspire them."