Oman's population growing, NCSI data reveals
May 31, 2020 | 5:50 PM
by ONA

Muscat: Oman's population increased by 625, 000 to reach 4.62 million during mid 2014 to mid 2019, according to the latest data released. The annual growth rate for Omanis reached 3.5 per cent and for expatriates 2.7 per cent during the same period, the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), said.

NCSI's population statistics for mid 2019, indicated that the population pyramid for Omanis distributed by gender is almost equal; where males amounted to 50.4 per cent and females at 49.6 per cent with the number of males amounting to 1.34 million and females at 1.32 million.

The youth aged below 29 and children represented two thirds of the population (64 per cent), while the percentage of children below five years is 15 per cent.

The dependency ratio among Omanis amounted to 72 dependants for each hundred persons. The year 2019 had seen a decrease in the percentage of male expatriates against female expatriates and stood at 506 males for 100 females at the age group 15 to 64 years and 254 males for 100 females for the age group 65 years and above.

The expatriates aged 15 to 64 represented 95 per cent of the total expatriates (95 per cent). The percentage of expatriates in the age group 25 to 34 represented 43 per cent for 2019.

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