Make the most of your life during COVID-19

Energy Sunday 31/May/2020 16:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Make the most of your life during COVID-19

Muscat: With the first case of COVID-19 recorded in the Sultanate, life began to change. Families started to close their doors, businesses stopped, and dreams and aspirations were shattered. Schools and universities were disrupted; moreover, occasions, such as weddings were stopped in all of their forms.
During the blessed month of Ramadan, we were at home. For the first time in our history, Eid came and we gave up traditional habits for our safety and the safety of others.
On the other hand, information about this pandemic and its seriousness is contradictory not only at the level of social media, but even at the level of information issued by various countries around the world. With the overwhelming abundance of information, we must trust what is issued by the Ministry of Health and the Supreme Committee. Since the first case was recorded in the Sultanate more than 3 months ago, everyone has been wanting to know: How long will we remain this way? When will there be a treatment?
We must not continue repeating such questions, but rather, we must begin to live with this situation. Yes, it is a temporary situation, but the precious days of our lives are passing. We must go on to live and achieve our dreams and goals. We must learn, work, think, and plan while adhering to all the preventive measures imposed in order to avoid being infected or being a carrier.
Under the current circumstances, it may come to mind that we cannot fully work towards achieving all of our goals, but we can take steps forward.
Those searching for a job can invest their current time enrolling in distance training courses and strengthening their capabilities and skills, each according to their specialty and preferences. They can also review the knowledge they received during their studies or training in institutions, if possible. This is a step towards obtaining a job, given the repercussions of this pandemic on the global job market.
Those who lost their jobs are the ones with experience, and our hearts are with them. The country needs them, and they should invest time to market themselves in all institutions that suit their experiences and skills.
Owners of affected commercial businesses must conduct economic studies of their projects, and they should study and research modern methods of marketing, financing, and assessing the situation during and after the pandemic. They can learn how to overcome the damages and how to regain their financial position at the earliest opportunity.
Employees in the public and private sectors who work from home can develop perceptions, proposals, and constructive ideas. They can advance their work and their institutions, keeping pace with changes and conveying a positive image and mindset. This can result in a high level of performance because they are needed at work, even if they are in their homes.
Families should encourage their children to foster self-learning and to study the material they missed in order to be up-to-date and ready for the next academic year.
Delaying weddings and other such occasions can allow these events to be more beautiful. Postponing would give people a chance to better organize and arrange things.
People should move towards giving and work on achieving goals in line with the precautionary measures being taken.
I hope this will end soon, but it will always remain in our memories. The times we have missed will not return, so let us continue to live with caution and remain optimistic!