Oman swim meet a huge success

Energy Thursday 16/March/2017 11:49 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman swim meet a huge success

Muscat: A Zoggs sponsored- Nautilus Invitational swim meet was recently held at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.

In addition to the Nautilus team, there were 20 individual competitors and more than 9 different competitive swim teams, participating in the meet (including the Oman National team, Oman Swimming Association, Youth Training Centre-under the Ministry of Sports-, ABA Vipers, Al Batinah International School, BSM Marlins, Knowledge Gate International School swim team, and Sultan Sharks).

In total, the meet registered 297 swimmers entering a total of 882 individual races, a turnout which exceeded expectations. Coaches of BSM Marlins, Nautilus Swim Club, and Oman National team, were awarded for their contribution in developing swimming in Oman. Winners were awarded prizes for the first, second and third places, supplied by ZOGGS.

Despite the competitive nature of the event, the atmosphere remained friendly. Organizers were amazed by the positive energy, and the number of parents and volunteers who worked to provide an experience which was “very touching and supporting, motivating us to do the Event better next time”.

A parent who attended the swimmeret said, “Thank you very much for inviting us. With the Head Coach, assistant coaches, staff and volunteers parents you all have done such great job in a long course competition. We are all individual and unattached swimmers {which is] challenging with so many swimmers and teams. We hope and looking forward to see you all [in] the next meets. Thank you very much.”

Nathalie Rouyer-Buechi, parent of Al Batinah International school swimmer said, "Thank you, what an experience for our swimmers who came down all the way from Sohar, fantastic event.”

Praise also came from Suleiman who suggested the event be held "at least twice a year”.

The coaching team led by Olympic and Paralympic Coach Ivan Proskura also received lots of positive comments from their colleagues working in United States, Ukraine and other countries. They are surprised that the club, which is operating only in their second season, was able to host an event like that.

The event was supported by Oman Swimming Association, whose referees and officials judged the event using FINA rules and regulations.

With the success and feedback from Friday's meet, Nautilus swim team is now beginning preparations for their autumn swim meet.

Results of this Event are available on Nautilus website: and there photo album featuring the best moments are shared on Facebook page at