Try Latin cuisine at Rumba Lattina in Muscat

T-Mag Wednesday 15/March/2017 17:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Try Latin cuisine at Rumba Lattina in Muscat

From fajitas and burritos to tacos and tortillas, if your palate is yearning for some Latin-American cuisine, Rumba Lattina, nestled in the gorgeous location at The Cave, is the place to be. The aesthetically done interiors, the tranquil views outside, and the eclectic range of delicacies on the menu list — you are sure to be smitten by all.

A Jamaican tea, with mango juice, kiwi juice, and a sweet syrup gives this juice a sweet and tangy flavour and is a refreshing start to a hearty meal. OMR 2.5

Pina Colada
A white drink in a creepy and very interesting looking green glass, which has the face of a Mexican figure on it, is the ever popular Pina Colada. With a dominant coconut taste with hints of pineapple and simple syrup, this drink is a real treat before you jump on to the mains. OMR 2.5


Coconut Prawns
Deep fried prawns with coconut crust and served with pina colada dipping sauce was delicious. It had a sweet flavour due to the coconut and the prawns were very crunchy and blended well with the sauce. OMR 5.2

Pollo En Mole
Grilled chicken breasts, served with Mexican chocolate sauce, white rice, house salad, and grilled corn. Yes, you all read it right — chocolate sauce on chicken. Again on a sweeter side but it tasted really good with perfectly grilled chicken and the grilled corn complemented the dish. OMR 8.2

Pollo Chifa
This is stir fried chicken with mashed sweet potatoes, Chifa sauce and served with white rice. Chifa sauce is a Peruvian sauce and a tad on the sweeter side with soya, oyster, honey, and pomegranate. The sweet and tangy flavours of the sauce and the crunchiness of the chicken made the taste perfect. If you have a sweet tooth you will love this dish. OMR 7.8

For those who need a meaty escapade, try the Argentinean menu. Cordero is lamb racks grilled to medium rare as requested, and served with crispy fries, garden fresh salad, and a sauce of your choice. Guacamolada is a preferred choice, as you can never go wrong with avocados. The creamy sauce adds a spark to the grills which is bursting of flavours. OMR11.9

Omani Cordero
This dish is similar to the previous lamb racks, with the addition of an in-house special sauce made with cardamom and dates, and served with sautéed vegetables, dates, and olives. The sauce is the star of the show. The sweetness mixed with a bit of sourness gives the dish quite an Omani touch. OMR 10.5


The only Mexican dish you should never miss are the chimichangas. Amongst the various reasons behind liking the dish, one of the most important reason is the fact that it is filling. If you are one who likes a wholesome meal and not little nibbles go for this. Made of flour tortilla and filled with chicken, vegetables, rice, beans, guacamole, and cheese this roll is laid out on a rich Mexican sauce. Certainly something that you wouldn’t want to miss. The only difference between the burrito and chimichanga is that the latter is deep fried. OMR 7.9
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