Here are the latest stats of Covid-19 cases in the GCC
March 31, 2020 | 5:09 PM
by Times News Service
File Photo

Muscat: The confirmed cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, March 31 in the GCC are 3,753, of which 629 have recovered according to the Gulf Cooperation Council Centre of Statistics.

Globally there are 800,049 cases of infections and a total of 170,325 individuals have recovered. On the other hand, the number of deaths globally has reached 38,714 of which 18 were recorded from the GCC.

According to the centre, GCC countries have recorded a total of 292 new Covid19 cases, 83 recoveries, and 2 deaths compared to 30th March.

Bahrain currently is ranked first among the GCC countries with the highest number of recoveries, with a total of 295 and the highest number of confirmed cases with a total of 1,453.

Saudi Arabia holds the second position with 693 confirmed cases and 115 recoveries. Kuwait is third, followed by the UAE and Qatar.

Oman has so far consistently held its position as the country with the least confirmed cases of 192. Additionally, Oman and Kuwait are the only two GCC countries to have recorded zero deaths related to the Covid19 virus so far.

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