French explorer crosses Oman’s desert on camel

Oman Sunday 12/March/2017 12:55 PM
By: Times News Service
French explorer crosses Oman’s desert on camel

Muscat: French explorer Gauthier Toulemonde is on a mission to not only cross Oman’s deserts, but to show the world how majestic the country truly is.
Gauthier visited Oman two years ago, and has finally returned to begin his journey.
“My aim is to show the connection between human beings and nature, how we can live isolated in the wild, facing different kinds of challenges and learn to live peacefully with nature while communicating with the world through social media channels at the same time using the solar or green power,” Gauthier said.
The explorer will start his journey from Adam crossing the Empty Quarter on a camel, heading to Abu Tubool in the depth of the desert with the company of Ahmed Bin Hareb Al Mahrooqi, an Omani traveler. After reaching Abu Tabool, Gauthier will be left alone to travel the desert with his dog as his only companion.
The second part of Gauthier’s journey will begin with heading to Bidiya on his camel to cross Al Sharqiya Sands to the coast.
“It had all started when I first visited Al Sharqiya Sands two years ago, and I was inspired by the natural Omani landscapes where I found peace of mind. I am looking forward to sharing my unusual experience and get people to live it with me,” Gauthier said.
The 58 year old is the CEO of a press company called Timbropresse, and is currently a member of the Society of French explorers. For a long time, Gauthier has been interested in documenting his travels in the form of digital films, using the new communication methods.
Among the countries that he has visited were Indonesia, Singapore, China, Namibia, and others. This time, Gauthier had chosen Oman to be his next adventurous experience.
You can check out the updates on Gauthier’s journey on his Facebook account Web Robison or through the website