Oman wellness: Top three yoga poses to improve your memory

Lifestyle Saturday 11/March/2017 20:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman wellness: Top three yoga poses to improve your memory

The brain is the root of a sharp memory. And the level of memory will largely depend on the activity of the brain. There are several reasons that can affect the functioning of the brain which includes stress, anxiety, and tension. To perform well in your thinking and analysing skills, you need a good memory power. Yoga is a good way to improve your memory and make your brain sharper. Here are the top three yoga poses to help you strengthen your memory.

Padmasana: This yoga asana is an important position for meditation and it helps by calming the mind and improves various physical disorders. It is one of the best yoga asanas to relax, calm your mind, and sharpen your memory skills. It is also known as “Lotus Pose”.

How to do Padmasana
Sit down with your feet straight in sitting position and place the right foot on the left thigh. Similarly, place the left foot on right thigh and keep your spine straight. Keep and keep the right palm above the left palm, and place them on the lap. Focus the mind on the front portion of the nose, or any other point to meditate with concentration. Initially do it for 1-2 minutes and then gradually increase the duration. This will not only calm your mind but also increase your awareness and attentiveness.

Vajrasana: It is a basic yoga posture that increases the overall power of the organ and triggers the brain muscles. It helps to ease digestive disorders and strengthens your back and leg muscles. This asana is also known as “Diamond Pose”.

How to do Vajrasana
Sit on a flat floor and kneel down. Place your hands on your lap and keep the head straight. The lower part of your leg should touch the ground. Close your eyes and
concentrate on calming the mind. Make sure that your knees, big toes and ankles should be parallel to each other. Starting from 5 minutes this asana can be done for 15-20 minutes or so.

Bhujangasana: This yoga asana helps to relieve the stress and strengthens the spine, firms the buttocks and stimulates the abdominal organs. This yoga pose helps to boost your memory.

How to do Bhujangasana
• First of all, lie on a flat surface, then face down and join the legs.
• Your palms should rest on the floor right beside your chest while elbows need to be in the upward direction.
Breathe in while lifting up your chest, then move up the head as much as possible by pushing the neck backward. Hold this asana for 30 seconds initially which you can later increase to 2 minutes.