Sultan Qaboos University forum focus on strategic research

Oman Wednesday 08/March/2017 22:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Sultan Qaboos University  forum focus on strategic research

Muscat: Research projects can benefit Oman through strategic implementation, researchers discussed at a forum hosted by the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) on Wednesday.
Researchers from around Oman gathered on Wednesdayday for the Forum of Strategic Research Projects to discuss vital uses that can stem from SQU research projects, particularly regarding economic, social, humanitarian, cultural, and industrial use. The forum was attended by various stakeholders in Oman, in order for them to gain accessibility to published works.
“Research findings can benefit decision-makers and institutions around the country by finding solutions to problem and issues, and taking well-informed decisions,” an SQU statement read.
The forum also discussed ways to effectively communicate the processes of research and their results with stakeholders, in order to increase transparency and maximise the potential impact of these studies.
“When research is closely aligned with development plans of the country, it becomes of great interest to various members of society—from policy makers, academics and business leaders, to members of various community groups, who may be affected by the phenomenon or issue under examination,” the official statement read.
In addition to presentations on important research trends and findings, a book of summaries and research project reports was published in support of the event.
The forum encouraged partnerships between SQU, and individuals and organisations in the country, particularly in terms of research value, as well as community engagement and awareness.
The forum was supported by His Majesty’s Trust Fund for Strategic Research, which seeks to encourage interdisciplinary research conducted at SQU. The fund was established in 2011, and has also supported research projects, which were presented at the forum.