OmanPride: DJ AA all set to rock Oman to his tunes

More sports Wednesday 08/March/2017 19:27 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: DJ AA all set to rock Oman to his tunes

Forget everything this weekend and get ready to be part of a vibrant concert as six acclaimed performers are all set to deliver an eclectic performance at Al Mazaar, the open theatre at Barr Al Jissah. Fatman Scoop, Artful Dodger, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Sam Supplier, DJ Bluey, and DJ AA are coming together for one unforgettable performance on Friday, March 10. While the show starts at 4pm, music lovers in town are sure to be on their feet till 2am with a wide range of genres covered, including Hip Hop, House, and UK Garage.
DJ AA from Oman, who is all set to give people the feel of what real Hip Hop sounds like, shared his thoughts before the event.

When did you start DJ-ing?
I started DJ-ing in high school in Oman. In those days, it was just for fun with friends at house parties, but I really got into it when I was at university in Boston where I used to play regularly at nightclubs in the city.

Who/What were your early influences?
I used to primarily listen to and mix hip hop music when I started, but when I was 17, I met a very successful professional DJ through a friend in London. I was introduced to House music and it opened up a new sound to me that helped me become a professional DJ.

Did you face any challenges because of your cultural roots?
Not so much when I was in school, but I did when I came back to Oman in 2009. The major challenge was a personal one that made me feel that I had to choose one life or another. I didn’t think I could keep DJ-ing and working in the business community. I was lucky enough in 2012 to start working with The Chedi Muscat as a music consultant and paired with success sharing music online through platforms, such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and I was able to keep my passion for music and DJ-ing going.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? Why?
A friend of mine took me to a nightclub in London called Fabric back in 2003. Fabric is an institution that is known to have one of the best sound systems in the world and has featured some of the biggest names in the industry night after night for the past two decades. It’s not about who is in the club or what people are wearing or how they look, it was all about the music.

Which is your favourite club/space to perform in Oman?
This will be my first time performing in Barr Al Jissah and I am looking forward to it. I have performed at many venues in Oman, however, my favourite is still on a beach or in the desert with just a few friends and two portable monitor speakers and a little DJ controller.

Why is Al Mazaar an ideal concert location?
It’s a large space that can accommodate a lot of people leaving us space to grow into bigger events in the future. The main reason I have come on board to help them bring great artists to Oman is because of the vision of the Barr Al Jissah team. They realise that it will take time to build the culture and they have a long-term mindset to get there.

What is the Oman crowd like?
One of the charms of Muscat is that sometimes it feels like everybody knows everybody, this is also one of the biggest challenges for nightlife in Oman. Sometimes people don’t want to go out and be seen and that’s why many people from Oman who go out regularly in cities like Dubai will refrain from going out here.

What is your favourite genre of music?
From when I started I have operated under a mindset, which is ‘No Genre, Just Music’ and my favourite memories of DJ-ing have always been the times when I have been able to surprise my audience by mixing a song from one genre with another song from a completely different genre. Don’t be surprised this weekend if you hear one of the most famous Arabic songs appear during my set mixed with a global pop artist’s number one song.

What do you think about the night life in Oman?
Many people have invested into the nightlife scene in Oman, however, I feel the biggest challenge that the industry faces today is that people are short sighted and want to make as much money as possible night in and night out as opposed to thinking more long term and maintaining a select target market.

What are your future plans?
In Oman, I hope to continue to bring international names to perform at Al Mazaar, Barr Al Jissah. Internationally, I have been fortunate enough to perform at some incredible events, such as the Formula One’s in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, some of the best nightclubs in Dubai and even in Ibiza, where I hope to return this summer once again. Also I will continue to share music regularly on platforms, such as Mixcloud, where I am lucky enough to have thousands of people tune in every time I post making it all worth it.
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