What's Trending This Week (March 2017)

T-Mag Wednesday 08/March/2017 17:13 PM
By: Times News Service
What's Trending This Week (March 2017)

The world of web might be complex, but it has certainly become an essential part of our lives. According to statistics, an average adult spends more than 20 hours per week online. And this week they've spent their precious hours of some of these stories:

Deadpool 2: After the ginormous success of the first part of this very strange superhero movie, the short (not teaser or trailer) of the second part was recently released. We know that Cable is definitely a part of this sequel and can expect the usual sarcastic, punny, and hilarious twists and turns that sets it apart from any of the other superhero films ever made. There are also rumours of the involvement of Jon Hamm, Pierce Brosnan, Ruby Rose and Russell Crowe.


Vogue Arabia: The 22nd global edition of Vogue, one of the world's most popular magazines went on sale on March 5th across the Middle East with Gigi Hadid on Vogue Arabia's first ever cover styled in a unique Arabian way. The magazine is published in both English as well as Arabic to ensure maximum reach in the region.


Oprah Winfrey: While Oprah Winfrey recently joked about running for President, it certainly has made many in the US hopeful. Well, Oprah did think that you needed government experience to run for President, but this was prior to Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States. We're not sure about how serious she is, but hey, a girl can dream.