Oman beauty: How to enhance your inner glow

T-Mag Wednesday 08/March/2017 16:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman beauty: How to enhance your inner glow

“She is a beautiful lady!” And what is it that makes her such a beautiful person? Is it really defined by the brands she wears, her flawless makeup or how well her nails are done? Or is it something that lies deep within? As subjective a word that ‘beauty’ is, it is safest to not rely on being sweet 16 or forever 21 to rejoice the real elegance of a woman. Let’s move away from the usual makeup and take recourse to celebrating the spirit of womanhood to find out what it takes to make one naturally appealing. Let’s steer off the typical perfectly outlined and flawless filled pouts to those toothy grins of joy, liberation, and delight. Today we take a journey through some common and other less talked about practices on how to bring out our inner beauty, appeal, and ways to scale the ‘ladder of likeability’.

Travel and adventure
The stories that surround a now fading scar or a nature-endowed ‘tattoo’ from an unchartered hiking expedition, are way better conversation starters than sporting a trending nail art. There is always something distinctly alluring about a well-travelled, seasoned adventurer. The experiences that come from traversing the world, exposing oneself to different cultures, and living the spirit of adventure are those that can’t be found in the boundaries of a rigidly scheduled spa appointment. The world is full of splendour, brilliance, and charm; and soaking up the beauties of this earth to the soul’s desire is surely going to go a long way to bring out your inner beauty in its rawest and most real form.

Smile often and laugh hearty
As the saying goes, it takes more muscles to scowl than to smile. Not to mention, frowning doesn’t do your body any good. Smiling on the other hand releases endorphins which is a ‘feel-good’ chemical and works to make us happier, de-stressed and positive. A sad, grumpy and long face (no matter how pretty) is far from appealing. A smile instantly adds that warm charisma that is bound to draw people to you. Having a good laugh every once in a while works to expand your lungs, stretches the muscles in the body, and helps you maintain your mental stability. Besides, who doesn’t like a natural blush from a good laughing session?

Give to glow
There is an unmistakable radiance that surrounds a truly generous person; that distinct glow that lights up ones face after a random act of kindness. And there is nothing that supersedes the innate beauty that reflects on your face when you’ve done your bit for charity. Volunteer for an animal rescue, participate in beach cleanups or even raise funds by running for a social cause. You’ll still be rejoiced by your audience no matter how messy you are at the end of it.

There is only so much beauty we’d see in a person who is immersed in her own delusion of grandeur. On the other hand, those that are more humble and willing to lend a helping hand (or even a listening ear) in times of distress suddenly feel like the ones who can be so easily adored. Humility is a trait that lies at the very fundamental level of inner beauty.

Keep up the social spirit
Enjoying healthy interactions with people is essential to keep you in the game. Those that make a good social presence and demonstrate strong confidence in their actions are often perceived as more charming. So step in to the limelight and get ready to woo your audience.

Workout and diet
We will probably never hear the end to this one. But this has all the medical researches and reports to its credibility, so here we go again. Being in good shape, apart from making you look better also makes you feel a lot more confident about yourself. An hour of intensive training increases your HDL (good cholesterol) level which counters the LDL (bad cholesterol) thereby doing much good to your metabolism and overall physique too. Supplement it with adequate water consumption and some fresh fruits and vegetables and say hello to detoxified, fresh skin that screams youth.

Taking time out for your own self is essential to rejuvenate from within. Take a break from everyday life to get in touch with your inner self. Meditation helps to release anxiety, stress and even uplift the mood. It is all about good vibes here. If you are feeling positive, energised and happy, it is more likely you’ll transmit the same vibes to others. The result? They’ll all love being around you.

Maintain good hygiene
As random as this may sound, we’re pretty serious here. There is only so much that layers of makeup and bottles of perfume will conceal. Practising good grooming and ensuring personal cleanliness is essential to remain fresh and hygienic which are both essential contributors that have a pleasing effect on people. Stir up your regular shower into something more exotic — draw a warm bubble bath with bath salts and essential oils and you’ll step out feeling like a million dollars.

Body language
Posture speaks volumes and creates a strong impression about one’s personality. So chin up, straighten your back, and wear your best smile. When having a conversation with someone, make sure you hold their gaze (enough to not make them uncomfortable) and give them your full attention. Try to not cross your arms; instead use them to incorporate gestures to show more emotions while you are talking. When you present a more approachable side to yourself, you’ll instantly find yourself being fancied by most.

Have a passion
It could be anything, from mastering a dance form to winning a marathon. Every small stepping stone to success brings an unmistakable twinkle to the eyes. People who demonstrate a serious ambition are often regarded as the ones with an impressive personality, instantly adding the appeal of a strong, confident and independent woman; and definitely one that receives many compliments.

The effect of being beautiful from the inside is eternal and is something that truly defines how amazing you are.