Cricket: Smith admits mistake in seeking help from dressing room

Sports Tuesday 07/March/2017 18:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Cricket: Smith admits mistake in seeking help from dressing room

Bengaluru: Steve Smith had no qualms in admitting that he made a mistake by seeking help from the dressing room on a DRS call but the Australia captain insisted that the game was played in good spirit.
The incident had snowballed into a controversy with many former players criticising Smith's act.
Explaining the incident, Smith said there was a bit of brain fade when he turned to dressing room for help.
"I got hit on the pad and looked towards the non-striker batsman and then turned around towards Paddy. I should not have done that. This happened for the first time. I was looking at our boys, I should not have done that. There was a bit of brain fade," Smith said at the press conference.
Asked about his animated chat with rival captain Virat Kohli, Smith dismissed it as mere banter.
"Me and Virat were having a little chat out there. There was not much in it, so it was bit of fun, a bit of banter. That is the kind of things happen in these matches. It is nice to occasionally get engaged in such conversations. It was only good fun," he said.
Smith refused to say Kohli lost his cool and insisted game's spirit was kept intact.
"I am not sure, I think that is the question to ask them. As far as I am concerned the game was played in good spirit. You know, emotions sometimes get better of you , but I don't think anyone crossed the line.
"If emotions are kept in check it will make great contest."
The visiting captain said the result was "disappointing" but his side fought hard.
"We expected India to come back hard and in their second innings they played some good cricket. Partnership between Pujara and Rahane was really good. But I am still proud of the way these boys have played it. From my camera, they were bit North competing incredibly harder. I am sure we will continue to do that. we can get some more results going our way," he said.