Exclusive family beaches plan for Muscat

Business Tuesday 16/February/2016 22:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Exclusive family beaches plan for Muscat

MUSCAT: Six areas on beaches in Bausher, Quriyat and Seeb are set to be earmarked for families, a Muscat Municipality official has told the Times of Oman.
Also, smoking will not be allowed in these areas, and the driving of cars and four-wheel bikes will be barred too, according to Sultan Al Shaiee, an official from the media department of the Muscat Municipality.
For families looking for exclusive areas on public beaches in Oman, where they can spend time alone, undisturbed by bachelors, this comes as good news.
“Between 600 metres and 1,000 metres will be allocated for families in public beaches, including the Qurum, Azaiba and Seeb,” said Al Shaiee.
He further said the move follows complaints by families about the lack of exclusive zones for them.

Following such demands, the Municipal Council had decided to form a team to study the situation. “The team members sought help from walis and other official representatives of people in these areas to locate the right places to be earmarked for families,” said Al Shaiee.
Space for families
“A team was formed, including members of the Muscat Municipal Council, to plan and organise space for families at public beaches,” said Al Shaiee.
The team has submitted its suggestions to the Council, which are likely to be approved at a session next month.
“After that, the issue will be raised to the Minister of Diwan of the Royal Court, for final approval.” Al Shaiee also disclosed there will be a media plan to spread awareness among the public on the need for this new move.
“Once approved, the Municipality will hold an awareness campaign addressing the public, including expats. Embassies will be addressed to spread awareness among the residents about their nationalities,” noted Al Shaiee.
The suggested locations have also been approved by the Municipal Affairs Committees in the wilayats of the Sultanate.
The team also discussed creating a special area on the beaches where people can play football, and has also devised a plan to properly maintain the beaches and provide beachgoers with proper facilities.
A leaflet prepared in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, will inform beachgoers about the correct way to behave on the beaches, as well as educate them on the upkeep of the beaches.
However, some people did not express their approval for the concept of having exclusive family areas at public beaches, arguing that beaches should be open to anyone and everyone.
“It doesn’t make sense to have a family area on a public beach. Single people are also harder to control in such situations,” said Shorooq, a resident of Muscat.