Oman Shura legal panel discusses penal code with SQU academics

Business Tuesday 16/February/2016 22:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Shura legal panel discusses penal code with SQU academics

Muscat: Penalties imposed for a series of offences and crimes that are part of the Omani Penal Code, are currently being studied by the Legal Committee of the Shura Council, the Head of the Committee told the Times of Oman.
Dr. Mohammed Al Zadjali, head of the Legal Committee said that the Penal Code has been under review by the Shura Council for a period of three months.
“This is a law from 1974 and it is a very important one. It affects the liberties of people.
“Most important are the penalties imposed for a series of crimes and offences,” he said.
Al Zadjali said it is too early to say whether or not penalties will be toughened or what shall be proposed to the Shura Council.
“We are still studying the issue and we cannot elaborate further,” he added.
A press statement released by the Shura Council on Monday said the Council had hosted a number of academics from Sultan Qaboos University as part of its review of the Penal Code.
The penalties under discussion include crimes threatening national security, public morals, crimes against civil servants and financial and commercial crimes.
The Omani Penal Code is one of the oldest laws in force in Oman, said the statement. It was published by Royal Decree in 1974 and was designed to govern the relations between individuals and their duties towards the society and public interest.
At the end of last month, the Shura Council had referred the draft Penal Code to the Legal Committee for study, after having received it from the Council
of Ministers.
Al Zadjali said he expects the findings to be presented at the General Assembly of the Shura Council in April, when voting on the amendments shall take place.