#OmanPride: Madad volunteers step in to help needy family build house

More sports Tuesday 16/February/2016 22:29 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Madad volunteers step in to help needy family build house

Muscat: Madad volunteer team, which is affiliated with charitable institution Dar Al Atta’a, has received praise and acknowledgement for their efforts in providing a family with a home.
The aim of the charity is to build a house for a family within the Sultanate. The family owns the land, but is unable to afford a house construction cost.
“The team devised a simple way where people were asked to donate a small amount of money until we gathered enough for the actual house,” said Al Muhannad Al Shukeili, a member of the team.
For every rial donated, a wooden block measuring 2x2x2 centimetres would be placed on a floor plan of a miniature house and built up until it is complete.
Some 25,000 wooden blocks would be used to construct the miniature house, which simulates the actual number of bricks and amount of concrete needed to build the house, as well as a total of OMR25,000 needed to construct the family’s home.
“According to a criteria created by Dar Al Atta’a, the family had been chosen, and we hope that after this house is built, we can go on to choose another family that needs a home,” said Al Shukaili.
When asked by the Times of Oman about the criteria on the basis of which the family was chosen, Al Shukeili said he could not reveal that information in order to respect the privacy of the family in question.
So far the organisation has collected OMR3,000. The Madad team will be available from February 18 to 20 at the Muscat Grand Mall to give the public a first-hand view of the project, as well as a chance to donate for a worthy cause. The donations will go to Dar Al Atta’a for the construction.