Travellers from Oman to Dubai must avoid round, oversized bags

Oman Sunday 05/March/2017 22:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Travellers from Oman to Dubai must avoid round, oversized bags

Muscat: Travellers from Oman to the UAE will have to ensure the dimension and shape of their suitcases are compliant with the latest baggage rules issued by Dubai International Airport.
Dubai Airport is enforcing stricter baggage rules beginning March 8, wherein no irregular shaped, oversized or round bags will be allowed to be checked-in at the airport. The airport has one of the most technologically advanced systems for handling baggage, but experts said even these can be disrupted by irregularly shaped or oversized bags, causing jams and delay baggage delivery to aircraft. Sunil Prabhakar, Chief Executive Officer at Travel Point, said people need to travel with proper suitcases, because not doing so would lead to problems. “Basically, what they want to ensure is that people carry proper suitcases, rather than wrapping up their stuff in a quilt or bedsheet and securing it with a rope all around. That’s what they want to avoid,” he noted.
“Irregular baggage consumes more space, and that goes wasted when they are stacked inside the aircraft. What they are looking at is neatness and getting all the suitcases accommodated properly,” remarked Prabhakar.
“Passengers should pack their belongings neatly in suitcases. I agree with this rule because it allows airplanes to stack suitcases neatly in the cargo hold, or else with differing shapes and sizes, stacking them all in the cargo hold neatly is a problem. Also, it is safer,” he observed. Another travel agent from a well-known company in Muscat said the new rule was targeted at people travelling with irregular baggage.
“The new baggage rule by the Dubai Airport is mainly aimed at people who wrap their belongings in blankets and irregular cardboard boxes. Many from the low-income group do this, and with the new rule, they will either need to get a proper suitcase or get it repackaged by paying a fee at the airport,” he stated.
“First of all, it is not safe to wrap your things in irregular boxes and blankets, and it also contributes to wasting space in the cargo hold of the aircraft. People travelling from Oman to the UAE need to make sure that they carry suitcases and appropriate luggage bags with them,” he mentioned.
An official at FlyDubai told Times of Oman that it was currently in discussion with Dubai Airport regarding the new baggage advisory and would provide an update on the policy change soon. An Emirates airline spokesperson said that customers can check the website to receive details about the dimensions and weight of baggage.
Dubai Airport has informed all airlines operating at the airport about the new baggage regulation.
Dubai Airport’s baggage handling system is among the largest in the world. It has 15,000 trays and is powered by 21,000 motors. It handled approximately 9.3 million bags in January this year.