Oman motoring: For a new level of comfort and refinement

Lifestyle Sunday 05/March/2017 20:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman motoring: For a new level of comfort and refinement

The highly anticipated car of 2017 is finally here, the all-new BMW 5 series has pulled its covers in all its seventh-generation glory. The new ride is certainly a looker, with enhanced signature aesthetics, upgraded dynamics, and new technology that’s set to take the driving experience to another level of sheer pleasure.

The beast has been in the business for more than 40 years, and it keeps getting better and better as it delivers high-class comfort, luxe, quality, and powerful performance all in one fashionable, perfectly designed executive car. It is safe to say that it has the best look in its class.

This latest model offers a new level of comfort and refinement, it is faster, lighter, and at its best efficiency, and thanks to its sophisticated chassis, cutting corners has never been this quicker. The car is also loaded with high-end tech that, without a doubt, will rival some of the bigger luxury cars, giving them a run for their money.

The newborn has adapted a more aggressive-yet-classy look, with similarities to its eldest sister, the 7 series. Some of the visual cues were carried from its predecessor, but the details have added a new spark to the car, such as neat LED headlamps that connect to the kidney grills, eye-catching curves. It is 36mm and 6mm wider in comparison to its previous generation, but the elegant and sporty curves helped hide the vehicle’s bulkiness.

We’ve established that the ride is a handsome saloon, what about under the skin? well, massive changes took place. The platform is shared with the 7 series, and it used aluminium extensively in its structure, suspension, and body panels, giving you a lighter car with 100 kilograms less. With the new weight, double wishbone front suspension, and new rear axle, the new 5 series is more alert and delivers quick responses.

As for the engines, the 5 Series was made using the brand’s popular technology, BMW TwinPower Turbo, giving it the beasty power and performance. The engines available in Oman are the 530i and the 540i, both available in rear-wheel drive or xDrive.

The new sedan was launched at Almouj Golf Academy on February 22, and is now available at Al Jenaibi International Automobiles showroom.
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