#OmanPride: Prince Ayham, in pursuit of art-driven portraits

More sports Tuesday 28/February/2017 19:18 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Prince Ayham, in pursuit of art-driven portraits

“Dream, dare, and do”, are three crucial words that guide the creative spirit of this talented shutterbug. Meet Mazin Al Awira (known in the industry as Prince Ayham), the photographer from Salalah, born and raised in Muscat, who has a passion for capturing human nature in artistic ways.

Mazin pursues a career in the airfield industry, being a full-time duty officer at the airport, but during his free time, he escapes to another world filled with strobe lights, makeup kits, and a whole lot of good looking people.
The young artist always had a special place in his heart for photography for as long as he can remember, and has a keen eye to capture moments. So whenever he would travel around, he would carry along his camera and capture those moments that carry interesting, whimsical, and meaningful stories, which only he can remember and reminisce about when in hunt for inspiration.

A few years passed, and he went to continue his higher education in Australia where he decided to become a professional photographer. After years of experimenting with his camera, he quickly realised that he’s reaching a level that requires a more advanced camera.

Therefore, he invested in equipment with the hope to better his skills and become the best photographer he can be. He contacted talented folks around him, started shooting and collaborating, and learnt how to edit and retouch photos, which resulted in him producing inspired art-themed portraits.
“The only thing that helped me achieve my goal was a belief in myself and what I’m capable of,” said the photographer, adding that motivation and commitment matter in reaching your true potential. “It’s just a matter of motivation circle and a little bit of time management to commit.”

Mazin draws his inspiration mostly from art and it is freely expressed in his work. “Art enables us to find ourselves and makes our life interesting,” explained the artist. He also enjoys being around likeminded folks who appreciate art and are expressive in nature, as the atmosphere becomes positive and very creative.

When it comes to his favourite category in the world of photography, Mazin admires the art of capturing art-driven portraits, as he realised that contemporary art is where his magic shines the most. He has collaborated with local artists such as Salman Khalifa, Oman’s first male makeup artist, as well as other talented names in town, and took photos for Oman Fashion Week.

The prestigious Dubai Fashion Week tops the list of his biggest achievements as a photographer. Mazin is looking forward to expand his craft by diving into the world of wedding photography, as well as to experiment with other forms of image-making.
We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this talented lensman, but what we certainly know is that finding acclaim worldwide is on his determined mind.
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