US Congresswoman proposes 'Stop Arming Terrorists' Act

Opinion Saturday 25/February/2017 14:59 PM
By: Times News Service
US Congresswoman proposes 'Stop Arming Terrorists' Act

Iraq, Libya, Syria, and possibly soon Iran, are all examples of conflicts where the US has supported and financed rebel groups in order to achieve ulterior goals.
Ironically it has been, maybe the first time in a 100 years that Russia that have been 'the good guys' in the world against this American foreign policy.
The irrational rationale revolves around this fairy tale Middle East philosophy; that by empowering “moderate rebels”, democracy will ensue. But in reality, there is no such thing as “moderate rebels”.
In any conflict, the greatest ground force will always fill a power vacuum and historically, once so-called moderate US allies have been consumed by more powerful extremist groups. Subsequently, Al Qaeda and IS have acquired US military training and weapons courtesy of the American taxpayer.
Through interventionist policies, issues that should be subject to internal solutions and sovereignty, become international wars that rage for years.
Instead of democracy, what follows is death, destruction and the crippling of religious and societal norms by fanatical and oppressive regimes and sectarian conflict.
It may be news to us, but it is no secret in the corridors of Washington that previous administrations have financed terrorist organisations.
Indeed, Hillary Clinton publicly quoted in reference to Afghanistan: “let’s remember the people we are fighting here today we funded 20 years ago."
And while Clinton did not become the first female president last year, waiting in the wings is a potential candidate who is proactively doing all she can to combat the issue of terrorist financing.
Her name is Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and she ticks all the boxes for future candidacy.
Gabbard is likely to appeal to much of the population, being a two tour veteran of the Iraq war and a woman. Eloquent and refreshingly honest, she speaks from first-hand experience in the field.
Most recently returning from a fact-finding mission in Aleppo, Syria, she met with the populace and discussed peace with Assad himself, recognising the need for political discourse with all relevant players.
A Democrat in the true sense, she has already met with President Donald Trump to discuss her progressive attempts to hinder terrorist financing. Trump was said to be very receptive.
In a country where partisanship runs deep through political veins, these characteristics are promising and distinguish Gabbard from her predecessors and contemporaries within the rusty mechanisms of Washington.
Congresswoman Gabbard has introduced a few weeks ago to the US Congress, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, which is supported by Veterans for Peace, whose aim is to prevent the US from pursuing covert and direct interventionist wars.
Barry Ladendorf, President of Veterans For Peace notes that it is counterproductive foreign policy to “directly or indirectly support known terrorist organisations, proxy groups and their allies to violently overthrow established governments.”
If passed, the Act would achieve stopping the Central Intelligence Agency and other Federal government agencies from taking part in activities where money is being used to directly or indirectly support terrorist groups and other alliances.
Federal governments would also be made to cut funding to any GCC countries purported to support these terrorist groups.
However, Gabbard quite rightly argues that the US “must end our war to overthrow the Syrian government and focus our attention on defeating Al Qaeda and IS.
This common sense approach rings true and Congress will surely see the light. If passed, this would be a real game changer.
Gabbard may be the saviour of her currently shattered Democratic Party. Her actions to date have been very brave and come 2020 might make her a serious contender for the White House.