Deaths, injuries drop on Oman roads

Oman Tuesday 21/February/2017 13:42 PM
By: Times News Service
Deaths, injuries drop on Oman roads

Muscat: Road accidents, injuries and death rates have all dropped in January 2017, according to the latest data by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
The NCSI data shows that 318 accidents occurred in the Sultanate during January 2017 which is a 28.2 per cent drop compared to the same month last year where 443 accidents were registered.
Injuries dropped by 10.4 per cent last month where 191 injuries as a result of accidents were registered compared to 213 in January 2016. Omani injury rates have dropped by 10.4 per cent with 60 on record while expatriate injuries have also decreased by 10.4 per cent with 60 registered.
Collectively, death rates have also dropped by 10.3 per cent where 52 people were registered injured during January 2017 compared to 58 in January 2016. Omanis made up 36 of total deaths during the month where an 18.2 per cent drop was registered. However, expatriate death rates are up by 14.3 perc ent with 16 on record for January 2017.
Speaking to Daryl Hardie, CEO of Safety First, he praised the concerned authorities in keeping Omani streets safe and that awareness should play a key role in minimising accidents
“The authorities are doing a great job in reducing the accidents and people are more aware of the importance of road safety. Hopefully we can see more accidents reduced in the near future,” said Hardie.
Although the new traffic law has been introduced last year, which poses stricter penalties on traffic violations, the executive regulations for traffic law are still being drafted.
“I hope that the regulations are completed at the earliest. Like I said before, the driver is accountable for his action and accidents can happen whether the driver is not concentrating, negligent or speeding. Some accidents just happen and you don’t know how. If drivers are hurt in their pockets, they might adhere to the law and drive responsibly,” said Hardie.
In 2016, 4,721 accidents and 692 deaths were registered compared to 6,279 accidents and 675 deaths in 2015.