Oman's Health Ministry issues clarification on quarantine

Oman Sunday 01/March/2020 11:19 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman's Health Ministry issues clarification on quarantine

Muscat: The Ministry of Health has issued a clarification statement on Saturday about cases subject to quarantine.
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A statement issued online said: "The Ministry of Health would like to make it clear that those who are subject to quarantine are not sick and the measure is a precaution that must be adhered to in order to protect their families and the rest of the community if they develop symptoms during the quarantine period, which is a precautionary measure due to their arrival from areas where there have been cases of coronavirus."

The Ministry stated that: “The total number of people who were subjected to quarantine is 1320 persons, where the number of positive cases are six cases only as of the date of this statement and one patient has had a full recovery while the symptoms of the remaining five patients are mild.”

The Ministry called upon those who have been advised domestic quarantine to adhere to the procedures of quarantine in order to protect the health of their families and their community. The Ministry also called on everyone to wash their hands with soap and water, especially after coughing and sneezing and to get rid of tissue paper in closed trash bins and avoid touching the face and eyes except with clean hands.