Oman Air outlines vision and Omanisation status to Majlis panel

Oman Monday 20/February/2017 18:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Air outlines vision and Omanisation status to Majlis panel

Muscat: Oman Air made a presentation on the company's vision and its contribution to the Sutanate's gross domestic product (GDP), to the members of a Majlis Al Shura panel on Monday.
The presentation made to the Economic and Financial Committeeof the Majlis Al Shura also touched on the percentage of Omanisation in the company.
The part on the contribution to the GDP focused especially on the tourism sector and the carrier's role in boosting it by increasing the number of destinations and tourist flights and cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the tourism sector.
The Economic and Financial Committee in Majlis Al Shura yesterday held its 12th meeting of the 2nd annual sitting (2016-2017) of the 8th term (2015-2019), headed by Dr. Saleh bin Said bin Salim Masan, Head of the Committee.
The members of the committee presented their questions about some aspects of challenges facing the company and its future plans to increase its contribution to the GDP, in addition to inquiring about the large and repeated annual losses of the company in spite of the annual government support for the company.
The committee hosted a number of officials at Omani Air as part of its study of performance of state-owned companies in the Sultanate, which comes at the forefront of the studies included in the committee's agenda in the 2nd annual sitting.