Indian expert explains skill of graphology in Oman

Energy Sunday 14/February/2016 22:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Indian expert explains skill of graphology in Oman

Muscat: Your handwriting can reveal your past and present, and handwriting analysts can help you carve out a better future, says a graphologist currently visiting Oman.
Arvind D Bhutt is an expert in handwriting and signature analysis. He evaluates handwriting and tells people about the problems they have and suggests some changes in the way they write to achieve better outcomes in the future.
He is in Oman to make a presentation on graphology and subsequently offer consultancy to those desirous of knowing more about handwriting skills.
Bhutt was in Oman as an employer of the Assarain Enterprises in the 80s.
According to him, graphology is a science that is about 450 years old. The first book on graphology was written in Spain in 1552.
“Through graphology, personality characteristics can be analysed through the size of the letters, the pressure applied, the speed of writing, spacing, slant and many other elements,” Bhutt told the Times of Oman.
Bhatt said our conscious mind determines what we write whereas our subconscious mind controls how we write.
He said that graphology is a research-based knowledge and there is no miracle involved in it.
According to Bhutt, handwriting could be called “Mind writing” or “Brain writing,” since there is a lot of involvement of mind than just the hand in the way one writes.
“Brain generates impulses and passes the same to our hand. These impulses get imprinted on the paper through the pen held in the fingers,” he said.
“How can we say a person who writes with the help of his legs is his handwriting?” he asked.
He also stated that when a person communicates by way of speaking, only 15-20 per cent of brain cells are active. Whereas when a person writes, nearly 85-90 per cent of the brains cells are activated. Hence, it is easier to understand a person thoroughly through his or her handwriting than his speech.
He also said that graphology helps an individual to improve in many ways.
“Graphology helps to achieve more success in job, business, study and career; it also helps in child development, to select perfect life partner, life partner etc,” Bhutt said.
He also mentioned that graphology has some limitations. For example, it cannot identify the gender, age, dexterity, nationality, caste, creed, religion etc.
Bhatt’s passion for graphology began when he saw an article in a newspaper in India, and decided to delve deep into the subject. He underwent training with a teacher for eight years, and applied the knowledge on his own by changing his signature at the age of 55.
Bhutt, 65, is settled in Mumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and is currently a consultant in graphology.
He will be here in Oman until March 15.