More jobs for Omanis in private health sector
February 18, 2020 | 10:43 PM
by Times News Service
The move follows rise in the number of job seekers in the health sector especially in technical specialities. Photo: File

Muscat: As part of its Omanisation plan the office of Majlis Al Shura has discussed a proposal to hire more Omanis in the private health sector institutions.

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As per the discussions that took place during the seventh term of Shura Council’s first annual session (2020-2019), the Majlis proposed to Omanise positions for laboratory technicians, medical assistants, physiotherapy technicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacist assistants, radiology technicians, health supervisors/observers and medicine distributors in the health sector.

The proposal was approved by the Majlis Al Shura and referred to the Minister of Health.

Hilal Al Sarmi, the head of the Health and Environment Committee in Majlis Al Shura and the Al Seeb member of Majlis Al Shura, said, “We have discussed Omanisation of medical jobs in the private health sector with members of the health committee in Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“We also met with the Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, the legal adviser and heads of departments and staff of the health departments in the ministry.”

“This meeting came about because of the increase in the number of job seekers in the health sector, especially job seekers in technical specialities. The government and the private sectors have responded to our suggestions,” Al Sarmi said.

“Omanisation rates are very high in the government health sector, in general, where the percentage among nursing staff has reached more than 80, in pharmacy it has exceeded 90 per cent, and among the dentists it is at 95 per cent,” Al Sarmi added.

Speaking about the future, Al Sarmi explained, “There are many health technician vacancies for job seekers in the private sector to occupy. In future, we will discuss the proposal to replace expatriates to increase the percentage of Omanisation and achieve 30 to 35 per cent as soon as possible. There will also be an exhibition on the employment of the national workforce for job seekers in the health sector. This will be the first exhibition for job seekers in the health sector.”

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