Budget Eats: Inexpensive Yet Delicious Sandwiches

T-Mag Wednesday 08/February/2017 20:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Budget Eats: Inexpensive Yet Delicious Sandwiches

Money is not the most freely available of resources right now, and here at Hi, we want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to eating out. Binge on a Budget takes you to the best eateries in Muscat where you can get a great, super-filling meal for two, for OMR3 or less. Bon Appetit.

The Place
Whoever selected Al Safi’s location is a genius. Located between Fathima supermarket and the mosque next to the signal on Rex Road in Ruwi, the place is always bustling. Waiters rush orders from the Al Safi kitchen to queues of cars where people can be found chomping down on their sandwiches as they are delivered, even during the wee hours of the morning.

Signature Dish
Al Safi is known for their club sandwiches—three layers of breaded deliciousness smeared with ketchup and mayonnaise and filled with a variety of chicken, meat, and egg options. A favourite is the Zinger Club, which sees generous amounts of crispy fried chicken stuffed inside. Another signature is the Barq Wa Ra’ad, a dynamo of breaded zinger chicken served on a hot dog bun and slathered with mayonnaise and a smattering of jalapenos. The waiters know it can pack quite a punch, and make it a point to provide you with a soda of your choice and a portion of French fries to help you stave off the worst of the spice. The sandwich platters are served with fresh cut veggies and crispy French fries for between 800 baisa and one Omani Rial.

Also Try
The wraps. Encased in toasted unleavened bread and packed to the brim with a filling of your choice, crunchy fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and ketchup, their wraps cost anywhere between 700 baisa and a single Omani Rial. Another wrap-style option is the Al Safi shawarma. People queue up for an order of Al Safi’s take on this humble street food, with their standard shawarma filled with juicy meat, gobs of mayo, and French fries for only 300 baisa and the larger Sharook weighing in at twice the size for 700 baisa.

A quick glance through the menu leaves you gasping in awe at the number of beverages this little place can churn out. The first three pages of their menu feature only juices and smoothies, which are some of Al Safi’s most popular creations. They might have slightly odd-sounding names, but there is nothing questionable about the taste and quality of what you’re served. Their Abood is a heavenly cocktail of sweet melon and mango sweetened with locally sourced honey; a perfect accompaniment to your meal for only 600 to 900 baisa.

Find them
Al Safi is on Al Noor Street, a few metres away from the mosque, just before Fathima Supermarket. If you live in Ruwi, they also offer home delivery from 10am until 2am
Call: +968 2478 4115, +968 9880 0436, +968 9310 0766

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