5 Rules to make your workout stick

T-Mag Wednesday 08/February/2017 18:52 PM
By: Times News Service
5 Rules to make your workout stick

We’ve all done it before. Proudly proclaimed to everyone that we got that gym membership renewed, resolved to drop 5 kilos, or even bragged about our first successful day in our new, healthier life. But then it happens. We decide to have one lazy day. But then one becomes two, and then the weekend hits, and before we know what happened, we look back and realise that the gym has become a distant memory. Sounds familiar? It has happened to all of us at one time or another, but there are a few simple tricks that can help us break
this cycle for good. [email protected]

1. Capitalise on emotion (Don’t wait)
If there has been some inadvertent gap in your workout, don’t fall into the ‘I-shall-start-from the-first-of-next-month’ trap. It’s just a stalling technique. Start the moment the realisation or inspiration strikes. After you’ve downed three quarter pound burgers or have tossed an old pair of jeans aside because you can no longer get into them, capitalise on that moment. Go for a quick walk to get started. Drop and do 20 situps, 10 pushups, and 20 squats. Then mark your calendar. Today is the official start of your fitness regime. Tomorrow, plan to double your efforts.

2. Reward...and punish
Hey, it’s a two way street. If a week of extensive training deserves a day at the spa, then a group workout class missed means having to live through that dreaded squat challenge you downloaded online. On days (especially weekends) when you just don’t want to move a muscle, use rewards as bribes. Schedule something pleasurable before and after your workout. That way the gym is just something that comes in between two things you are looking forward to.

3. Make it fun
Make a new playlist of your favourite music that’ll carry you through the workout. If running on the treadmill is getting boring, tune into something that you like watching or listening to. This can keep you distracted from the monotony and you might even end up doing an extra few minutes just to get to the end of the serial. Try taking a friend. And when you are invited out for coffee with your bestie, instead suggest going for a walk. Finally, try new things. If you hate running, jump on the stationary bike, try a group Zumba class, or download a weight-training routine from a fitness website. Whatever you do, just keep moving, even for 30 minutes, every day.

4. Set a time (and stick to it)
Figure out the best time to schedule your workout and stick to it. Make it as sacred as a meeting. Morning workouts work best for most people, as it leaves you less time to come up with excuses, like the classic ‘it’s been a long day’. If you aren’t a morning person, pick a time when your energy levels are bound to be high, and just make that time immovable. We go to work even when we don’t feel like it, and if you treat your gym appointment the same way, you will be surprised how easy it is to plan your other activities around it.

5. Keep inspirational photos and slogans at hand
Follow inspirational gym accounts on Instagram, make your desktop your favourite “you-can-do-it quote”, and keep photos of your progress. Sometimes the most inspirational photos are those of ourselves in which you can clearly see your goal-areas, as well as the progress you have made, as well as goal photos of the shape you are working to achieve. Whenever the idea of skipping a workout comes to mind, take a quick look at these pictures.

*Bonus Tip
Do a fat test. You can ditch the expensive body composition analysis and just use your fingers. Take a deep breath so your belly expands to the fullest. Then exhale and let your abdominal muscles contract. Push your fingertips against your hard abdominal wall and pinch (without hurting yourself, please). You are now holding in between your fingertips excess fat that can be shed with consistent cardio. Your fate is in your hands. (We know you just gave the fat test a shot.) Don’t let this get you down, instead, feel empowered. There is no magic to weight loss and fitness, all you need is consistency and you will see and feel the results. Now, let’s get moving, shall we?

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