Muscat parents: Best children's ballet class in Muscat

T-Mag Wednesday 08/February/2017 18:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat parents: Best children's ballet class in Muscat

Dressed in colourful leotards and black tights, a pack of little girls ranging in age from five to six-years-old stood in a queue holding perfect positions. Not one slouched or fiddled. The music began to play and the children graceful and poignantly swayed their arms to the symphony. We were in the stuido of Music Palace, one of the growing number of dance schools cropping up around Muscat. They set themselves apart by specialising in teaching young children ballet.

Ballet originated in Italy in the 1500s, and quickly spread to surrounding countries, finding favour in Russia, the UK, and France. Integrating poetry, dance, and music into a visual storyline, ballet weaves historical tales through aesthetic expressions. And while there is lot of emphasis on lightness and airiness in performance, a ballet dancer must work through many different grades, starting with basic stretches and movements, before learning more advanced techniques as they train in the athletically demanding skill of dancing on their toes. This skill, and poise, can take a lifetime to master.

Monika Radzka of Music Palace believes that that the best age to begin ballet classes is as early as four and eight or ten-years-old at the very latest. “This is the time when a child can be actually trained to concentrate better and they learn much more effectively,” Monika explained, emphasising the fact that it is best to start early to ensure correct posture and position is achieved.
Apart from helping to build concentration, focus, and discipline, ballet lessons are also a great way to introduce a child to classical music and history. Getting the chance to perform in public can further boost confidence.

Over the years of its practice, ballet has never lost its classicism in the name of catering to changing trends. And though the popularity has had ups and downs, these days, it is very much in vogue again.

“Interest in learning ballet has spiked in recent years and is now readily available as new institutions are opening up,” Monika said of the ballet in Oman.

“Ballet promotes physical strength and agility, can boost concentration, develops an understanding of music and rhythm, and generates a love of movement. As children improve and master more challenging movement combinations, they feel more self-assured, which can carry over into other areas of their lives,” said Monika. “Dance training can also be a great way to relax and use excess energy productively after school. Ballet classes provide a social outlet for kids. Attending classes regularly can help young children develop their social skills.”

The classes held at Muscat Music Palace include classical ballet, contemporary, and modern, and are available at the beginner level for children five to eight-years-old, with more advanced classes available as they progress through the grades.

Monika is excited for the future of ballet in Oman. “There’s a new age of ballet on the rise that all of us are looking forward to welcoming.” [email protected]

Children’s Ballet school
Music Palace
Al Mouj Location: The Walk, 2nd floor
Call: +968 2454 8415
Classes: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday
Age group: 2-4, 4-6, and, 7 years
Fees: OMR 30 monthly
( once a week class, 45 minutes)
Registration: OMR30.

MSQ Location: Near British School, lower carpark, street 1947, villa 2557
Call: +968 2460 2445
Classes: Monday & Wednesday
Age group: 2-4, 4-6 years.
Fees: OMR 30 monthly
( once a week class, 45 minutes)
Registration: OMR30.