Easy tips to power your day
February 12, 2020 | 4:43 PM
by Courtesy of Brandpoint

Even if you try to keep to a healthy diet and work out regularly, chances are there are times of the day when your energy fades, or entire days when you just don’t feel like you’re on the right track. Between the constant demands on your time from work and family, it can be tough to stay energised all day long.

For expert advice on balanced nutrition to boost your energy levels, check out Kevin Curry’s website, Curry demonstrates that it’s possible to create meals and snacks to help you achieve your health and wellness goals without breaking the bank or even being a trained chef. He recommends swapping out parts of dishes to boost their nutrition — like egg whites instead of whole eggs, or brown rice or quinoa in place of white rice. He strives to make veggies and proteins the star of the dish, while using ingredients that are both easy to find and simple to prepare.

Here are some easy tips for ways to boost your energy and add more pep to your step, throughout your day.

1. Protein-up your breakfast

You probably know you shouldn’t skip breakfast, and many of us have to eat on the go, but there’s more you can do — your energy level will thank you later if you add more protein to the first meal of the day.

For quick and easy ways to amp up your protein, use egg whites. They offer a high-quality, protein-filled breakfast solution with five grams of protein in every serving. Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to boost your protein intake can keep your whole day on track.

• Fix a quick omelette or scrambled eggs.

• Add 1-2 servings of egg whites to your smoothie or protein shake.

• Try this recipe for Strawberry Protein Pancakes, which your whole family can enjoy:

Strawberry Protein Pancakes

10 minutes prep time, serves 2


• 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

• 1/2 cup oats

• 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce

• 1/3 cup egg whites

• 2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt

• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

• 1/4 cup fresh or frozen strawberries, chopped


• Blend everything except the strawberries together, until there are no remaining chunks. Set chopped strawberries aside.

• Heat a nonstick pan to medium high (a large or pancake pan works best). Pour batter onto the pan in small circular shapes, then sprinkle chopped strawberries on each pancake.

• When the pancakes start to bubble, flip and cook the other side.

• Top with more strawberries, low-sugar maple syrup, Greek yoghurt or whatever calorie-conscious topping you like.

2. Plan ahead

Pack protein-rich snacks to bring with you on the go, so you have healthy options handy to give you a quick pick-me-up throughout your day, especially when you feel your energy is fading. Small snacks throughout the day won’t make you feel sleepy the way a large meal can.

• Nuts with little or no added salt or oil

• Low-fat cheese

• Meat sticks

• Greek yoghurt without added sugar

3. Stay hydrated

Often energy levels can drop when you’re dehydrated. Be proactive to keep yourself ready for anything.

• Bring along a reusable water bottle to sip throughout the day.

• Pack a protein smoothie or shake for lunch to prevent the dreaded afternoon slump.

4. Keep active

Even when you’ve worked out in the morning, but especially on those days you miss the gym, find ways to add more activity throughout the day.

• When you’re at a desk all day, take breaks to walk outside or around your office.

• Find somewhere to do a little stretching, squats and lunges to activate your muscles.

• At home, find projects around the house that keep you moving.

• Get down on the floor or out in the yard to play with the kids or pets.

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