#OmanPride: Former Oman resident makes film on Indian sports legend

More sports Wednesday 01/February/2017 22:20 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Former Oman resident makes film on Indian sports legend

Muscat: When most of us are chasing our dreams, some of us imagine that one day we will interview someone who has inspired us our entire lives.
Venkatesh Margasahayam, though, did exactly just that when he interviewed Indian cricketing legend Rahul Dravid for a film on his coaching academy. The film focuses on four people from different walks of life, united by their love for the sport.
Venkatesh – or Venky, for short – spent 18 years as a resident and completed his schooling from the Indian School Muscat in Oman, before leaving to begin a degree in engineering, as many other children from Indian families do so often.
“I chose engineering while I was in the tenth grade,” said Venky. “It was a decision which I went along with and never gave it too much thought. But after realising that I was not strong in the subjects I had chosen, I made a decision to opt out. “I was always interested in cinema and it was always at the back of my mind, but I wasn’t sure how I could work and study for it,” he added.
After finishing his studies, though, he moved to Bangalore in search of work, and found a job with Chill Panther Films, a video production company based in the city.
“I was looking for a job and was not getting any offers or interviews,” recalled Venky. “I remember meeting my school friends for a small reunion and they told me to get on LinkedIn. I saw a posting for a video editor by Chill Panther Films and applied immediately. I had an interview with them and they responded within a week or two and I was hired.”
While he did have fun making the movie, Venky’s fondest memories centre around his time with Dravid.
“We spoke with him briefly,” he told the Times of Oman. “He is extremely down to earth and was actually quite fascinated by a piece of equipment we were using, because he had given a lot of interviews but had never seen anything like that, and we were really proud and stoked to hear that from him!
“The academy is something Rahul Dravid was himself overseeing and we were asked to create a video for him,” he added. “They gave us a script to work with and we took it forward from there.”
Although this is a major milestone in his fledgling career, Venky knows he cannot allow himself to be carried away by this success because there is always room to improve.
“I have watched this video over a hundred times and every time I watch it, I feel there is something I could’ve done better,” he admitted. “That keeps me on my toes.
The idea is not to get complacent with the success of a video but to see in what way it could’ve been executed better.”
Venky has also learned to stay true to his roots, because he knows that is what forms the foundations of a successful career.
“There will be a lot of roadblocks and obstacles but don’t get disheartened or upset,” he advised. “Each such obstacle will help you learn something new and keep moving forward.
“My friends and family were extremely supportive,” continued Venky, who hopes to complete a Master’s degree in the future and enter India’s mainstream film industry. “My parents were very liberal and open minded about my career choice. I am sure they had their doubts about it but they never stopped me from doing what I liked.
“I am certain that without their support, I couldn’t even imagine being where I am right now.”