#OmanPride: Stage performances dazzle spectators at Muscat Festival

More sports Wednesday 01/February/2017 22:03 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Stage performances dazzle spectators at Muscat Festival

Muscat: Muscat Festival hosted stage performances catering to both children and adults, offering them eye-popping entertainment that they will be talking about for a long time to come. More such performances are to be oganised.
Stages at both, Amerat Park and Naseem Gardens, hosted musicians and singers, acrobats, dancers and poets as well as theatrical performances. Spectators also got opportunities to participate in the performances. Magicians would often call on stage willing volunteers to be part of the act, a move that drew positive feedback from visitors to the festival.
Among the most notable performances were two plays: Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. These plays brought life to children’s classic literature. Children were left spellbound, watching their favourite characters come to life while adults reminisced about their childhood.
Another on stage performance was a tragic-comedy play performed by an all Omani cast called Harat Bakht, or Bakht Village. Although more a comedy than a tragedy, audiences enjoyed the play for its witty jokes, its simple storyline and the actors’ professionalism in entertaining the audiences.
Several more performances on the main stages will mark the Muscat Festival at both the venues from 6pm until 11pm.