Steps taken to boost food security, says Oman's minister

Business Wednesday 25/January/2017 22:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Steps taken to boost food security, says Oman's minister

Muscat: Many actions have been initiated to enhance food security in the Sultanate, said Dr Fuad bin Jafar Al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in the State Council, yesterday.
The State Council hosted the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries who made a presentation to the State Council on the agricultural and fisheries production and food security, in the presence of Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council, members of the State Council and Dr. Khalid bin Salim Al Saidi, the State Council’s Secretary General.
On the food security , the Secretary General of the State Council said that food security was still a global concern and for each country. Food security is the responsibility of everyone and not just Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
It required efforts of all departments to achieve it, he said.
The developments witnessed in the Sultanate in the various spheres was a result of the contributions of the various departments concerned.
The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries said that the food security system includes investment in food and the freedom of imports among other efforts.
Investment in food production within the Sultanate covers animal, farm and fisheries sectors while investment outside the Sultanate focuses on dry and green fodder.
Many actions have been taken to enhance food security system in the Sultanate, he said. This included formation of a ministerial food security committee, the establishment of the public authority for stores and food reserve, monitoring the prices movement, and making available food during exceptional conditions. The value of farm and fisheries production stood at OMR574 million in 2015. The contribution of the agriculture and fisheries sectors in the GDP amounted to 1.6 per cent in 2015. The minister also shed light on the challenges facing food security and the international level.
On the strategy of the agriculture and fisheries sectors (2020/2040), the minister pointed to that the strategy of sustainable agriculture and rural area development (2040) and its investment plan (2016/2020) were prepared in joint coordination with a national team, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
The presentation delivered by the Minister was attended by Dr. Hamad bin Said Al Aufi, the Ministry’s undersecretary for fisheries; Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Bakri , Ministry’s undersecretary for agriculture and Dr. Rashid bin Salim Al Masroori, CEO of the Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserve.