Necessary steps to be taken in order to avoid Coronavirus

Oman Tuesday 28/January/2020 21:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Necessary steps to be taken in order to avoid Coronavirus

Muscat: Concerned authorities and health experts in the Sultanate have issued guidelines for the necessary steps to be taken to avoid the Coronavirus.

Oman Airports issued thorough guideline and safety instructions for the passengers travelling through the airports as well as for those people who are passing by it.
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According to the statement put up by the officials, the most common symptoms for the virus are fever, cough and shortness of breath while the less common symptoms are diarrhoea and vomiting.

“Advanced cases involve pneumonia and renal failure,” the statement put up by the Oman Airports read. It also added that “[currently] there are no vaccines yet and the symptoms may show up 2-14 days later.”

“[People should] avoid travelling to affected areas unless necessary; make sure you have all necessary vaccinations and travel medication; seek advice from your healthcare provider; don’t travel if you have a fever and cough; If you become sick while travelling seek medical care immediately,” the authorities stated.

In terms of prevention, the guidelines suggest the following: “Wash hands with water and soap/sanitizer for at least 20 seconds; avoid contact with sick people; don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands; don’t eat raw food; thoroughly cook meat and eggs; avoid contact with animals and animal products.”

Talking to the Times of Oman, one of the health experts at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital said, “People should look after their hygiene as this virus is mainly airborne. It is usually transmitted through air and affects the upper respiratory system. Therefore, people should cover their mouth every time they sneeze and wash their hands right away.”

Another Internal Medicine Specialist said that if a person is experiencing any of the said symptoms, they should disclose their travel history while consulting the doctor.

“It is very important for patients suffering with upper respiratory issue to disclose their travel history to the doctor to be sure that they haven’t been to the affected country. At present, we need to suspect Novel Coronavirus infection only if the patient has visited the epidemic region in the past 15 days of illness or if the patient has taken care of/had close contact with a suspected case of Coronavirus infection,” said Dr Rajeev Chathanath, Specialist Internal Medicine at NMC Specialty Hospital in Al Ghoubra.

“Moreover, people should be very careful while visiting markets that are selling animal meat. They should avoid contact from touching the surfaces and animals, and wash their hands thoroughly before leaving the place. No antivirus is available currently to directly treat the ongoing Coronavirus. Therefore, in case a patient gets diagnosed with this virus, we will isolate him/her from other people as they can spread disease to others.

"We will then initiate early supportive therapy that deals with hydration and also supplemental oxygen therapy, if required. All medical attendants tending to the patient will also take the precautions of wearing gloves and surgical masks to avoid contact with the virus,” Chathanath added.